Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Villas2Let, we genuinely strive to ensure that our clients gain the maximum benefit from their holiday in Cyprus.
While our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions which you may have, we have also listed some of the most
frequently asked questions about Cyprus rental villas and apartments.
We only consider that we have done the best possible job we can to ensure that your accommodation and holiday experience
matches your expectations when you are totally satisfied. To this end, before moving on to our FAQs, we would
respectfully draw your attention to the following:

1. What does Protaras offer in terms of attractions, things to do, places of interest to make memorable villa holidays?

Both Protaras and Ayia Napa host many memorable villa holidays and through our website you will find many ways to make your stay interesting and special including but not limited to: attractions in Protaras, things to do in Ayia Napa, places of interest in Protaras as well as places to eat in Ayia Napa.

2. Why should I rent a villa in Cyprus?

There are a lot of reasons why holiday makers should rent a villa in Cyprus. For more information please see our Cyprus Holiday Villa Rentals page.

3. What is the difference between staying in a hotel and a private villa?

First of all, Holiday villa rentals have changed the way that people travel by taking the ‘hassle out of holidays’, saving you time, money and stress. For more on the advantages of a private villa over a hotel please see our villa rentals page.

4. How do I choose a villa with you?

Choosing a villa is a unique experience since you can choose between many options, different areas and villa specifications. The main factors in your decision should be

  • The number of people that will be in your party
  • Which location you would like to be in
  • Whether you would like a private or communal swimming pool
  • If you would like to be within walking distance to the resort centre

Our representatives will be always at your disposal for any questions on live chat, email or telephone for any queries that you may have for a specific property or just to give you some suggestions, depending on your requirements.

5. How can I reserve my holiday accommodation?

After finalizing your holiday home choice, our Villas2let representatives are on hand to assist you in making the right choice for your holiday, and all that is required from yourselves is to immediately secure your choice of accommodation through proceeding with your booking on our website with our simple online booking procedure or alternatively you can call us. Your booking can be confirmed and finalized by paying just a small deposit in advance either with credit card through our secure online payment gateway or by wire transfer. The remaining balance for your holiday will not be due until 1 month before your arrival.

6. Is the rental period always Sunday to Sunday?

There’s actually no restriction on changing these days, but the most preferable booking periods are Sunday-to-Sunday and Wednesday-to-Wednesday. You can rent a property for as many days as you like so long as it’s available for those days.

7. How far in advance should we book?

The earlier the booking is completed, the better. To ensure that your chosen villa will be available for your next holiday in Cyprus, we definitely recommend that you book in advance. Please note that the most favorable period for bookings is from December to May.

8. What are the available payment methods?

The Villas2let website provides a fully secure online payment facility, which accepts both local and international card payments and is fully compliant with data privacy. The most popular payment methods are via credit card and bank wire transfer; however the credit card payment method incurs additional charges compared to the wire transfer. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, due to the time delay, you will need to confirm with Villas2Let that your choice of accommodation is being held for you until payment has been received by us BEFORE proceeding with your wire transfer.

9. What is the process for being granted with ‘Visitors Pass – Visa’? Is it possible to visit other count

In case of clients outside EU (for example clients from Russia) after the booking is confirmed, Villas2let representatives will contact the relevant authority and provide the required documentation. It is usually a very straight forward procedure and only takes 2 working days. This visitor’s pass only entitles you to visit Cyprus and does not give access to any other countries.

10. How can I find my way to the villa? Where shall I get the property key?

There are two recommended ways of getting to your holiday home – either by hiring a car or a taxi. In our honest opinion, hiring a car offers more value for money since by paying a little more (not always) you will secure transport for the entire duration of your stay. However, a taxi service is recommended when it is your first time in Cyprus as you are perhaps not familiar with the areas.

Both options guarantee that the transport will be available at the airport. If you choose an airport pick up, thus a taxi service, the driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals point. Our drivers are experienced, professional and trustworthy and will always assist our clients with their luggage and/or for any other needs i.e. transportation to supermarket. The driver will also provide you with the key to your property.

If you choose to hire a car, the key for your car can be picked up from the relevant desk at the arrivals point. With regards to your property key, instructions will be provided to you prior to our arrival by Villas2let representatives. In case of late arrivals or delays, an emergency mobile line will be provided to you ensuring a smooth start to your holidays.

Usually, both services above have to be booked in advance.

11. Driving a car in Cyprus

Driving on Cyprus roads is very similar to driving in most European countries. Please remember that in Cyprus we drive on the left side of the road. Law enforcement does apply in Cyprus as well. The top speed applicable on all motorways is 100 km/hour, however the speed limit between and within villages and towns drops to 50 km/hour. Rented cars carry red plates instead of yellow plates which are for local cars, this is to ensure other drivers are aware you may be less familiar with the areas and roads.

12. What happens if we break something while we are in the house?

As soon as the breakage occurs, we would kindly ask you to inform the property management office so that a representative can visit the property and examine the damage. Either the owner or the property management team will arrange the repair and will provide you with a receipt. The amount paid for fixing the damage will be subtracted from the security deposit.

13. Where we can do our food shopping?

One of the main differences between villa holidays and hotels is the freedom of choice. All of our rental accommodations are fully self-catering properties which enable our guests to cook and eat whenever and whatever they wish. There are several supermarkets and 24/7 shops in all areas of both tourist resorts where our guests can buy almost everything! What makes this more fascinating is the fact that all of Villas2let holidays homes are in close proximity from both supermarkets and the rest of the amenities you may wish to enjoy. In addition, there are at least 3 big hypermarkets in the area where you will find more variety and excellent prices.

14. Will the holiday home be cleaned upon arrival? What other services will be provided during our staying?

Leave the cleaning and maintenance to us. Villas2let take pride in the cleanliness of our villas and apartments. All holiday homes are thoroughly cleaned prior your arrival, sufficient fresh linen and towels will be provided for your entire stay. Also, additional linen can be provided upon request. During your staying, extra cleaning visits can be pre-arranged at only a few Euros. Please note that for bookings of more than one week’s stay, an additional mid-stay cleaning service is provided free of charge.

15. How can I use the electrical and water appliances?

Nothing differs in concept from what you have back at home. Electricity and water supply are checked prior to your arrival ensuring that everything is in order. Electrical appliances operate quite simply. When more hot water is required, what is needed is to switch on the heater switch and follow the instruction manual. Our entire rental accommodations are equipped both with manuals or instructions notes both in English and Russian language. Of course, Villas2let online service is available 24/7 to provide assistance to our clientele.

16. What do if something goes wrong at the villa (electricity, water etc)?

As mentioned above, there is an emergency telephone line which provides support 24/7, all year round. However, here at Villas2let we have taken into account all possible ad hoc situations where our guests may need immediate assistance. In the unlikely situation where the electricity fails, there are detailed step by step instructions available in your property, to allow you not only to identify what the possible cause of the failure is, but also how to potentially solve it. Similar in house instructions are also provided for cases such as water supply being cut. On top of the above, our 24/7 emergency support is available to resolve any problem that might arise.

17. How do I reach the nearest beaches?

As mentioned already, all Villas2Let rental accommodation is within walking distance of the sea. The majority of our villas are very close to the famous beaches of both resorts; in addition some of our villas are located on the seafront. There is currently an ongoing development project within both the Ayia Napa and Protaras resorts that will connect the whole of the coastline by a series of pathways. The project also passes through the picturesque Cavo-Greco national park. The project will not only provide a place to stroll along the coastline but also give easier and quicker access to those wanting to enjoy the coastline on foot or bike, rather than car.

18. What services are provided on nearby beaches?

Cyprus’ economy is well known to be dependant on the tourist industry, so great important is placed on service and in general, anything provided to visitors to the island is generally of an excellent high standard. From the ice cream man located on every beach to glamorous fish or meat beachfront restaurants. From the wide variety of beach water sports activities to the wonderful water-parks for all the family. From local coffee shops to international bars, anything and everything you may wish for during your holiday, can be found here.

19. What is the best way to explore Cyprus and its sights?

The best way to explore Cyprus or to visit other areas in the island with the intention to see historical and other monuments is to organize this with Villas2let representatives. Villas2let offers a complete itinerary of things to do and places of interest. Please contact us for more information.

20. What can I do if a member of my family gets sick? Where shall I go for emergency medical attention?

In the unfortunate event of an accident taking place during your stay, please refer to the Villa Information Booklet where all useful phone numbers are mentioned. Within the relevant phone list, you will find the number of a clinic and/or an emergency doctor. It is highly recommended that you obtain a holiday insurance policy against all holiday perils.

21. When does the holiday season in Cyprus start and end?

The season in Cyprus for Protaras and Ayia Napa starts from April when all the restaurants and bars of the area open and closes at the end of October. Nevertheless, Cyprus and especially Protaras is popular throughout the year due to our warm winters.

22. What is the departure process from the villa?

Before departing the property one of our representatives will visit you to make sure that the property is in good condition and secured and will pick up the keys. An appointment will be set up in advance for your departure. In case your departure is very early in the morning, alternative arrangements will be made. Please note that the latest you may vacate a property is 12.00pm. In case your flight is during the late afternoon and you would like to stay for an additional few hours you will have to confirm with our reps who will advise if this is possible or not based on bookings at the property.

23. What is the average cost of eating out and drinking in the resort?

The cost of dinner at a restaurant varies depending on the type of cuisine you opt for. The average price for a 3 course meal with drinks is between 20-35 euros per person and for children, between 12-15 euros. Prices for drinks starts from 1.50 euros up to 6 euros per drink. See Places to eat in Protaras and places to eat in Ayia Napa.

24. How do I buy a property in Cyprus?

Just let us know, and we will arrange a professional tour of some suitable properties from reputable developers in Cyprus.