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In recent years, the small historic town of Deryneia is experiencing its own renaissance. A visit is a must in order to admire its religious treasures, taste its local products, and experience the customs and hospitality of its inhabitants.

The municipal market of Deryneia


The first inhabitants of Deryneia settled in antiquity and according to one version, they were Greeks from the ancient city of Gerinia in the Peloponnese, who arrived here after the end of the Trojan War. Gerinia was the capital of the Kingdom of the famous and prudent King Nestor whom Homer calls Gerinion because of his origin. Although it’s historically confirmed that Deryneia has been in this place for 700 years, the archaeological sites and monuments, many of which are located in the occupied areas and in the Buffer Zone, testify that its history is much longer. The Turkish invasion of 1974 turned Deryneia into an outpost with a roadblock separating its inhabitants from their occupied properties. 75% of the municipality is under Turkish occupation, meaning almost all cultivable land and coastal zone.

Folklore Museum


 Pancyprian Strawberry Festival: The most important agricultural product of Deryneia has its honour at the Strawberry Festival that is organised every two years, at the Anagennisis stadium. On location you can taste all the derivatives of strawberry, from jam to liqueur and have fun with music and dancing.

Folklore Festival: “The Tziverti of Deryneia” Organised every two years, alternately with the Strawberry Festival, in the Museums and the square of the church of Panayia. During the Festival there are experiential workshops for making bread, rusts, spaghetti, halloumi, anari, strawberry jam, liqueur and ice cream. Guests can also take classes in basket weaving, chair making and other crafts. In the evening the Festival closes with an artistic programme.


The Municipality of Deryneia is famous for its strawberries, but it’s not the only local product, since potatoes, watermelons and vegetables are also grown in the area.

Pancyprian Strawberry Festival


  • Don’t leave Deryneia without trying its delicious strawberries. Also, buy their by-products, such as strawberry jam.
  • In Deryneia you will find unique restaurants that serve ofto kleftiko but also delicious Cypriot delicacies.
  • Visit the Municipal Market every Saturday morning to find all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables and more, sold directly from producers.
  • The occupied city of Famagusta is a symbol city for Cyprus and its struggle for liberation. You can see it from the Famagusta Viewpoint.