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Sun, sea, golden beaches and casual atmosphere make up the unforgettable climate of every summer. So get ready for ouzo by the sea, sunbathing for hours and relaxing on the beaches of Famagusta! Besides, the areas of Ayia Napa, Protaras, Sotira and Liopetri have unique, crystal clear seas with turquoise waters, fully organised or more secluded in landscapes of exceptional beauty, with infrastructure for water sports and not only…


Nissi Beach…

Nissi beach in Ayia Napa is one of the most famous beaches on the island, it often figures among the most exotic and beautiful beaches in the world. It has been awarded and ranked 22nd among the 25 best beaches in the world and 4th best beach in Europe by Trip Advisor. It is famous for its small island and sandy beach – a natural phenomenon that is also a landmark for the area. It has rock formations in its central and western part, it has nice, golden sand and calm, crystal clear waters. This is the most picturesque area of Ayia Napa that you will go and relax, dip in the turquoise waters and enjoy the enchanting scenery that stretches out in front of you.

GPS: You will find it next to Nissi Beach Hotel on Nissi Avenue, just after the traffic lights, heading west, as you move away from Ayia Napa. Access is easy on foot, bike or car, and there is parking.

Facilities: Beach facilities include toilets, changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports, and there are plenty of restaurants, buzzing beach bars and kiosks in the area.

Nissi Beach


Literally, ‘Makronissos’ means ‘long island’. As you can guess, its name is due to its long length! The coast is known for its soft and golden sand, as well as its crystal clear blue waters that attract both locals and tourists, as it’s one of the most visited beaches on the island.

GPS: It’s located west of Nissi Beach and next to Landa Beach.

Facilities: Beach facilities include parking for bicycles, toilets, locker rooms, showers, lifeguards, sunbeds, umbrellas and even free Wi-Fi. There is also a diving centre, water sports and a beach volleyball court. You will find food and drink at the large kiosk next to the beach, as well as beach bars at nearby hotels.



This is a beautiful beach, with a large area of fine, golden sand and shallow crystal clear waters, which starts from the Ayia Napa harbour. This beach will give you a wonderful spectacle, especially in the morning, with its crystal clear waters looking like an endless velvet veil that stretches out in front of you. You can choose the lively western part, with restaurants, trendy beach bars and uplifting vibes, or the sun lounge area in front of the Grecian Sands Hotel.

GPS: It starts at the Ayia Napa harbour and extends up to Grecian Sands Hotel.

Facilities: On the beach there are all necessary facilities such as showers, toilets -although in the part of the beach near the harbour they are limited, while the beach also has facilities for the disabled (Floating Wheelchair). For food and drink the options you have are many and varied. Trendy beach bars with great food and a lively happening atmosphere can be found here


Ammos tou Kambouri…

A quiet, rocky creek for swimming away from the crowds. The small pebble beach, which was upgraded with luxurious sunbeds, umbrellas and family beds, is ideal for those looking for a wonderful peaceful and relaxing environment but also for those who love fishing and exploring the seabed, as there, you will discover dozens of small coves which have been created by the rocks in the surrounding area.

GPS: You can reach the beach from the promenade between Ayia Napa and Limnara beach (Kermia). If you’re driving, follow the sign on Kryou Nero Street. There is ample parking, next to the beach, while it is worth noting that there is a path with direct access to the water, which is convenient for people with mobility difficulties.

Facilities: The beach is well organised with a lifeguard. A canteen on the beach, offers drinks and snacks, so that you’re not missing anything.

Ammos tou Kambouri


The word ‘Landa’ means “very calm waters” and describes this charming beach exactly, since the creek extends to the beach of Makronissos, protecting it from the winds! You will go to Landa beach to swim in its shallow waters -especially if you have children-, and to play on the golden fine sand.

GPS: To find it, follow the signs on Nissi Avenue as you head west, away from Ayia Napa. There are two turns you can take, the first leading to a large car park next to the picnic area, while the second leads directly to the beach.

Facilities: In addition to changing rooms, showers and toilets – all with wheelchair access – you can find a volleyball court, as well as a trendy beach bar with gazebos and sunbeds. There is also accessibility for people with mobility difficulties (floating wheelchair)



Asprokremmos Beach (Mmad)…

A small treasure with turquoise waters and fine, golden sand, hidden under a cliff. This beach is located in a small, stunning cove that allows you to relax, thanks to the calmness and serenity of the area. The sea here deepens sharply but then becomes shallow again and allows you to enjoy your swim in its crystal clear waters!

GPS: On Kapparis Avenue, turn right (just when you see the Faliros Restaurant on your left). There is a relevant sign (‘Beach’) that will guide you.

Facilities: Equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and toilets. Above the beach, there is a large kiosk with space to sit and enjoy a snack, sweet or refreshing drink and a nice beach bar with great view


Skoutarospilioi Beach (Malama)…

It is a small beach, however, the beautiful green background with the clear blue waters offers an invaluable view. It is sandy and is divided by rows of rocks into three sections: the first section is the largest and most popular one, the last the quietest and secluded while the right hand corner is suitable for families. Seacaves are also found there for you to explore.

GPS: It is better known as Malama, due to the homonymous hotel located there. Driving on the Kapparis Avenue, you will turn at the first turning to the right, where the sign says ‘Towards the Beach’. There is ample parking at the end of the road.

Facilities: There are sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. The popular Κaliφi is also there offering snacks,drinks and is a great place to eat and enjoy an ouzomeze.

Skoutarospilioi Beach (Malama)

Ayia Triada Beach…

This is one of the most picturesque locations in Protaras, since the small fishing shelter next to a small creek, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and reeds, as well as the picturesque church of the same name that you will see on the right, compose a wonderful setting. The beach has shallow waters and fine sand, elements that make it ideal for families!

GPS: It’s close to the roundabout at the end of the ProtarasCape Greco Avenue, before entering the Kappari area. At the roundabout, take the third exit. Then follow the main road and turn left at the second turning leading to the ‘Holy Trinity Fishing Shelter’.

Facilities: Beach facilities include lifeguard, toilets, changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports, while a new relaxing beach bar Paragka Αyia Triada Beach οpened this year with tasty food and drinks.

Ayia Triada Beach

Vrisi Beach (SECTIONS A, B AND C)…

Many know it by the names of nearby hotels. Awarded for its natural water beauty, at the peak of the summer Vrisi beach is buzzing with people. Stretching across 1.5 kilometres, the beache’s shallow waters and the fact that you can see the seabed with your bear eyes makes it the ideal place for families and children. Its clear blue waters are shallow and the seabed with its gorgeous fine white sand can be seen with your bear eyes.

GPS: You will find it along Protaras Street which is the main road in the centre of Protaras.

Facilities: Beach facilities include toilets, changing rooms, showers, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports, and there are lifeguards with lifesaving equipment as well as first aid services. In the wider area there is a variety of accommodation, restaurants, beach bars and kiosks. Vrysi beach is one of the few beaches in Cyprus that provide full accessibility for people with disabilities. Specifically, it provides parking spaces for the disabled, ramps both to the beach and entrance to the water, the innovative autonomous maritime access system for the disabled (Seatrack), a water wheelchair and toilets for the disabled

Vrisi Beach

Fig Tree Bay…

Fig Tree Bay, is one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus. It was named after the single, solitary fig tree that has been thriving there since the 17th century. With its stunning crystal clear, shallow waters and fine, golden sand, it’s especially popular with locals and tourists alike, hence it has been voted by TripAdvisor as one of the best beaches in Europe.

GPS: From Protaras Street, take the last turn to the left before the traffic lights.

Facilities: At Fig Tree Bay there are state-of-the-art facilities, including car parks and facilities for people with mobility problems (floating wheelchair). Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented, as well as water sports. Lifeguard services are also provided. There is also easy access to local restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets and other facilities.

Fig Tree Bay

Konnos Bay…

It is one of the most picturesque, photographed and much talked about beaches of the island, thanks to its location, its golden sand and its crystal clear turquoise waters; a visit is a must. This beach is surrounded by steep pine trees, and slopes that protect it from winds. In the summer, many yachts pass from here, as in the adjacent beaches it has ideal bays for diving in clear blue waters.

GPS: Coming from Protaras on the Protaras-Cape Greco Avenue, turn left towards Grecian Park Hotel, turn right on the small roundabout and 100 metres further down, turn left towards the beach. The road going down to the sea is narrow and needs attention.

Facilities: There are lifeguard services on the beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, changing rooms, showers and great opportunities for water sports are provided. You will also find a kiosk under the trees for food and drink with a toilet

Konnos Bay


Ayia Thekla…

A wide coastal front of golden sand, framed at both ends by rows of rocks. The Blue Flag beach is very popular with families, mainly due to the calm environment, but also due to the calm waters thanks to the natural water breakers and the small island which is a few metres opposite and which you can walk to. In fact, in its central point (from the coast to the island), it is sandy and shallow, ideal for both children and adults!

GPS: This beach is located on the border of Ayia Napa and the town of Sotira, just over 1km west of the Waterworld waterpark.

Facilities: Find it by following Nissi Avenue or from the highway by following the signs. There, you will find all needed services, from sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, to a restaurant and a beach bar to enjoy your drink or food at all hours of the day. It is also equipped with a modern lifeguard station and water sports centre. It has facilities for access to the beach for the disabled (floating wheelchair).

Ayia Thekla

Posidonas Beach…

Walking towards the river Liopetri, you will meet the Posidonas beach, the recently licensed beach of the Municipality of Sotira. It is a beach with golden sand and clear waters, and carved rocks in some places. In fact, in recent years, the Municipality of Sotira has designed a unique pedestrian path, six metres wide and three kilometres long, which together with a bicycle path will connect the neighbouring marina of Ayia Napa with the Liopetri River. In addition, this year, the upgrade of the beach has been completed, giving it a new impressive image with comfortable wooden beds

GPS: Located about 300 metres west of the beach of Ayia Thekla and one kilometre west of the Waterpark, on the border of the municipalities of Ayia Napa and Sotira.

Facilities: The beach provides various facilities, such as sunbeds with umbrellas, toilets and showers, as well as a lovely beach bar for dining and lounge music. In its favour are the special facilities for people with mobility problems and a net for those who want to play beach volley.

Posidonas Beach


Liopetri Beach or Valou…

Liopetri beach is a quiet beach, ideal for those who want to relax. It’s the most remote coast of Ayia Napa and allows visitors to relax by the sea, away from the crowds of the area. Surrounded by picturesque hills, it is found at the end of the coastline of the village Liopetri.

GPS: It is located right next to the fish tavern Demetrio in Liopetri. Near the beach is the famous Liopetri River.

Facilities: After dipping in the sea, you can go for a walk in the small forest area nearby and end up in the small stone church of Ayios Georgios. On the other hand, if you want food, you can visit the various taverns with fresh fish.