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Some facilities, activities and excursions could involve an element of risk. These activities, facilities and excursions are neither run nor controlled by Villas2let but by companies that Villas2Let co-operates. If you wish to participate, purchase or make use of any optional activities, facilities or excursions that are not part of your accommodation package, Villas2let cannot accept any liability in relation to such reservations and or activities and shall have no liability arising from any claim and or damage and or accident caused by such third parties. Villas2Let shall be only providing Concierge services as your agent and representative and not as representatives of these companies. The contract for the provision of that activity, facility or excursion will be between you and the provider. These locally paid for activities, facilities and excursions will be subject to local law and jurisdiction. The discretion to partake in any such activities, facilities, or excursions is entirely at your own risk. You are responsible for taking sensible precautions for your own safety and for the safety of any children or family members for whom you are responsible. Please liaise with the supplier of the facility, activity or excursion for the terms and conditions of your activity, facility or excursion which will govern your contract with those parties. For any dispute arising out of our services, you accept by engaging our company, that only the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus shall enjoy jurisdiction.