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Property Maintenance - Giovani Masterfix Ltd, otherwise the Masterfix

Giovani Masterfix is part of the Giovani Developers group of companies, one of the longest established and well recognized property developers in Cyprus. The group’s recent expansion has seen the addition of both Villas2let and Giovani Masterfix.

Although Giovani Masterfix is an independent company, it is a subsidiary of Giovani Developers. As such, it possesses those qualities that have made the company a leader in its sector. Thus, we operate with professionalism, respect for the customer’s needs and enquiries and, best of all, we really enjoy what we do. With twenty-one years’ experience managing hundreds of properties in the South East coast of Cyprus, we are fully aware of the maintenance and repair problems that can present themselves and we take pride in our ability to handle all sorts of tasks. The primary aim of the company is not only to respond to any emergency that might occur and provide our customers with an efficient and respectful service but also to deliver a quality maintenance service to reduce the likelihood of emergencies.

We are happy to offer all property owners the opportunity to make use of our services for all their property maintenance needs.

Important considerations when choosing a maintenance company are:

  • How prompt is the company?
  • How reliable and professional are they?
  • Can they promise compliance with property codes?

Giovani Masterfix can take over your Cyprus property maintenance responsibilities, assure you of a courteous and comprehensive service by utilizing all the skills and knowledge that have ensured our recognition as the leader in the marketplace. We will deal with your issues promptly, with a reliable and professional service, which is compliant with all the property codes which we adhere to.

If you wish to contact Giovani Masterfix for more information please email us at alternatively you can visit the Masterfix website for more on Cyprus Property Maintenance and Management services.

Services we provide for Cyprus property maintenance include:

  • Pool maintenance and repairs
  • Garden maintenance and landscaping
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Painting and decorating
  • Plumbing and electrical installations
  • Fencing and decking as well as other external carpentry work
  • Communal maintenance and management
  • Air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning services
  • Roof sealing and repairs
  • Satellite television installation
  • Security and key management
  • Property interior design and decoration

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