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Details of the Paralimni Area


The town of Paralimni, meaning ‘lakeside’ in English, takes it name from a seasonal lake which was formed towards the west of the area. Paralimni is the largest community within eastern Cyprus and is commonly known by the name ‘Kokkinochoria’, meaning ‘Red villages’ because of the distinctive reddish colour of its soil. Having the lowest altitude in the entire region, the area has a natural dip in which rainfall is gathered from all areas of Paralimni and the surrounding hills. Hence, in every winter, the waters form a lake which is maintained until summer time.

Paralimni has grown in recent years from a rural farming community into a progressive town, which now boasts an array of shops, boutiques, offices and restaurants. Although popularity and demand have caused expansion in the size of the town, it has managed to retain its rich cultural traditions and the main square still features cafes and churches, which reflect the characteristics of the old village. A Place where the old and the new seem to work in harmony, it's a town where you can enjoy the advantages of a traditional village and the conveniences of a contemporary town.

Imagine a town, not too big and not too small, where modern shops and offices rub shoulders with traditional coffee shops and old stores, main thoroughfares with traffic lights are crossed by narrow streets towered over by old, venetian-style houses. Watch the old women wearing traditional black clothes working, gossiping or simply resting in the sun while the men sit outside the local coffee shops playing tavli (backgammon). Admire the style of the younger generation as they go by in the latest fashions.

Take all this and add beautifully constructed modern churches overlooking the crumbling architecture of the older places of worship, standing proudly beside their mellowed stone and fading mosaics. While you savour this rich mixture of ancient and modern, enjoy your coffee in a modern café while listening to the afternoon church service and the harmony of the church bells as they ring out across the old square. If you have all this, then you have Paralimni.

The town of Paralimni is situated 4 km away from the southern coastline of Ayia Napa and 3 km away from the eastern coastline of Protaras. Paralimni also has its own coastal area with numerous sandy beaches, named Kapparis, which has experienced huge tourist and economic growth over the past 10 years.

Today, Paralimni is a small rich town with rapid growth in all fields of economic, social and cultural life.

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